Featured Project and FYI : Opportunities

There is so much going on that we have combined two sections to bring you the news and opportunities that are available with four Accentuate projects. Please look at the Accentuate website for more detailed information.

A photograph of David Proud holding a camera and making a thumbs up sign.  He is in an Outdoor location.

Featured Ambassador

We are delighted to have a a variety of interesting and influential Ambassadors who are supportive of the Accentuate programme and in this edition we are pleased to introduce you actor David Proud. Many of you may know him as his EastEnders' character A

Our View

Our View will ensure that deaf and disabled people are at the heart of Accentuate, informing the direction and delivery of the programme. We welcome the Our View Core Advisors to Accentuate and introduce you to this dynamic team.

A photograph of Esther Apleyard holding both the Mascots for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  They are soft toys, about 15cms heigh mainly in blue and white and orange and white.  They have helmet type shapes on their heads and one central eye which represents a camera

Accentuate News: Issue 3

Welcome to the third edition of the Accentuate newsletter. We kick off with the Directors Blog.

Don't forget to check The Blog for news about Accentuate's activities

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