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Wheels of Glory image taken from the first page of the game

Featured Project

As there are so many exciting things happening we would like to feature two projects: Gaming! and the Disabled British Open (Major Events).

Gaming! is an Accentuate project delivered as part of the Create Compete Collaborate (CCC) programme.   We were delighted to launch the game and celebrate the completion of the project at an event on 13th July at Pinewood Studios.

The aim of Gaming! was to create an interactive online game which was inspired by the Paralympics and story of Stoke Mandeville.  Creative & Media Diploma staff and students at Chalfonts Community College (Bucks) worked with Stoke Mandeville Stadium and industry experts including Dr Tom Scutt one of the designers on Tomb Raider.


Dr Tom Scutt said “It's certainly been inspirational and I think it would be no exaggeration to say that I've learned as much as I've taught!”     


The game is based on wheelchair basketball and raises players’ awareness of the physical and psychological strength required by Paralympians, as well as some of the barriers that disabled athletes must overcome in order to compete at a world-class level. The game “Wheels of Glory” is playable through the CCC and Accentuate websites and will enable young people from all over the world to play against one another.

The launch event was a fantastic opportunity to get the young people who had been involved and their parents together, alongside their teachers, and members of the Accentuate and CCC teams, as well as individuals from Bucks County Council, Stoke Mandeville Stadium, members of the press and ex-paralympians.  It was wonderful to hear the testimonials from the students saying how much they had learnt from the project, particularly skills around communication and working as a team.  Their tutor Hannah Stower commented that

 “it had been impossible to put a sealing on the project as the students wanted to do more and more”. 

The enthusiasm was apparent, not only amongst the team who created “Wheels of Glory” but also with the other two teams of students who had created another two games.

The event itself was held at the impressive Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios. There was a sense of excitement from the beginning, as we entered the building via a red carpet.  Guests were also privileged to a tour of Studio Seven.  The home of Accentuate is Screen South who are based at Pinewood and it was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the connections between projects that Accentuate aims to promote.

Accentuate also looks to promote innovative ideas and new ways of working.  Gaming!  embraced this in all aspects of  project delivery including using new ways of teaching via web cam.  Guests at the launch were able to see how this worked via a live link up to Roxanne Hadad in Chicago.  She had been working alongside Dr Tom Scutt and course tutor Hannah Stower to facilitate learning.  The sense that Gaming! had broken much new ground was apparent, not only amongst  the onlookers but also with the students and teachers who had been involved.

Greg Hodgson, Senior Leader at Chalftons Community College and Head of Art & Design said:

“Gaming! has been a really exciting and engaging project for staff as well as students. It has allowed us to test cutting edge technologies and developed all of our understanding of online learning. It’s been fascinating to have a real client, with a specific brief to do with disability that has given the process real meaning, far greater than just making a game. It has really challenged students and staff’s understanding and knowledge.” 


In all areas of Gaming! from the level of teaching, the processes  used, the engagement of students, through to the launch event itself, it was clear that every aspect was valued.  The game itself requires you to collect gems to keep up your levels of Excellence, Determination and Inspiration and these themes were clearly evident throughout the project and launch event too.


Major Events: The Disabled British Open

Another Accentuate project is Major Events.  This project aims to attract world class sporting events to the South East.

The first Major Event for us was the Disabled British Open (DBO) golf championship.  We are delighted to be able to support this again this year when it will take place at East Sussex National GC, on 20th and 21st September.

We are extremely excited that all competitors’ places in the second annual Disabled British Open (DBO) golf championship have been filled within weeks of the event’s launch.  This is testimont to how popular the event is and that players are wanting to take part in such a quality event.

A total of 72 disabled athletes from across the globe will take to the tees at East Sussex National GC, on September 20-21 – with the event truly living up to its claim as the ‘the most inclusive pan-disability event in the country’.

Competitors will fly in from South Africa, Pakistan, Spain, Ireland and Germany to line up against UK entries with the ages ranging from 16 to 71.Golfers with a wide range of disabilities will be competing. Plus four members of the GB Special Olympics team will also be participating in the contest which will be played out over the 7,138-yard, Robert E Cupp-designed East course.

Last year’s inaugural event at Old Thorns, in Hampshire was broadcast on Sky Sports and it will also be broadcast again this year.

Andy Barwell, from Hampshire-based organiser the Azalea Group, is delighted with the huge and swift response from disabled golfers worldwide.

He said: “To be honest I’ve been shocked by the interest from abroad. We knew the event proved popular here in the UK and the coverage on Sky Sports helped get the message out further. But we were receiving enquiries almost daily from potential overseas competitors.

“I think we could organise a completely continental field were it not for the prohibitive costs of air fares these days. We will have three women participating this year – which is an increase of 200 per cent on the 2009 event. And we have considerably more single-figure golfers – so the competition at the top end will be very stiff.

Meanwhile, Barwell is also receiving numerous enquiries from people offering to volunteer as marshals, ball-spotters, buggy drivers and caddies.

A free, four-day, spectator safety level two NVQ course – a qualification in crowd marshalling and stewarding – is on offer to volunteers, courtesy of Telford College of Arts and Technology.

 “Many of those who volunteered at last year’s DBO in Hampshire, have already intimated they would like to come back to East Sussex National and help out again.

“A lot of people recognised how the event contributes hugely to the progress of disability golf and are incredibly keen to help. This year’s DBO is a slightly larger event and we will need even more volunteers to help in crucial roles.”

? To join the band of volunteers or to find out more about the 2010 Disabled British Open visit, or contact Andy Barwell on 07961 315520 or at

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